The reason this web site exists is to help believers find answers to some of the questions
they may have, and to provide Biblical truth to people seeking to know what it is that we,
Christians believe.

If you do not know if the Bible is, as it claims, the infallible word of God, please review the
material under the Bible link. If you are a new follower of Christ, please follow the Trusting
link. Jesus came to save people from their sins, but the world hated Him and killed Him
by beating and crucifying Him, but He rose from the dead and conquered death. The fact
that the world hates Jesus has not changed, because He is righteous and pure, the world
still hates Him and wants to keep people from seeing and accepting the precious gift of
salvation that He suffered and died to provide for us all. A common thread among those that
oppose Christ's teaching is their attempts to deny the deity of Jesus. If you have been
exposed to this kind of dangerous false teaching please review the material under the Deity
of Christ
link. If you would like to comment on the materials here, request additional
materials, or request that no more material be sent to you, please E-Mail me with your
requests at

It is Christ's heart felt desire to walk in fellowship with each of us. The way we handle that
outpouring of God's love will determine much about our lives here, and everything about our
lives to come, so please take His outstretched hand and walk the path with Him. No decision
you will ever make is more important. If you would like to speak to someone about accepting
Jesus gift of salvation you can call
(888) Need Him, thats (888) 633-3446
Psalms 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the
skies proclaim the work of His hands.