God is the creator of all that has been created. He created the
Heavens and the Earth, and He made man on the Earth, in His own
(Genesis 1)

The Bible is the inspired word of God. It is a supernatural book
containing God's Living words.
(Isaiah 66:2, Jeremiah 23:29, 2
Timothy 3:16)

God Judges men's hearts. He is the righteous judge of all the Earth.
(Psalm 17:11, Genesis 18:25)

God created the Heavens and the Earth so that we can see Him in
them. His invisible qualities: His eternal power and divine nature have
been made plain to all men, so we have no excuse for not believing.

(Romans 18-20)

We have all sinned and come up short of Gods standards. (Isaiah
53:6, Romans 3:9, Romans 3:23)

In this fallen state we are under God's righteous judgement.
(Romans 2:5)

At just the right time, while we were still sinners God did something
remarkable, He Sent His Son Jesus into the world to save us!

(Romans 5:8)

Jesus was concieved to a virgin mother through the Holy Spirit. He
was born from the line of David, through Mary His mother.

Jesus payed for our sins by dying in our place. Jesus shed His blood
to redeem us from death unto life.
(John 5:24, Romans 3:25,
Revelation 1:5)

Jesus is God the eternal Son. He shares all attributes of deity with
God the Father and the Holy Spirirt. (Attributes of Jesus)

When Jesus went back to Heaven, He sent another comforter, like
Himself, The Holy Spirit.
(John 14:16)

We are saved through faith in the Son of God. He died in our place,
and now all of our sins are paid for.
(Romans 5:9, Revelation 1:5)

In Christ we can approach the thrown of Almighty God as His
children. In Christ we are addopted into God's family.
4:16, Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6)

When we are saved, we are created anew in Christ. The old is gone.
We are freed from the power of sin through Him.
(2 Corinthians
5:17, Galatians 6:15)

As we walk with God, in Christ Jesus, He begins to transform our
lives. Where we were unable to resist sin, now we have the very
power of God to resist, for He lives within us.
(2 Corinthians 3:18,
Romans 12:2)
Christian Beliefs
Christian beliefs can be summed up simply. Christians believe the Bible is
God's word. Christian means follower of Christ, so Christians believe what
the Bible says about Jesus Christ. There are many points of theology that
Christian churches have, but there are central core beliefs that we all share.
Below are listed some of those core beliefs: