Prophecies In The Book Of Daniel
The book of Daniel describes the life of a young Israeli exile living in Babylon. When king
Nebuchadnezzar defeated Israel, as God's instrument of judgement, he took all of the
skilled craftsmen and the wisest of the people first. Babylon was skimming the cream of
the people first, to be put into the service of the king (Daniel 1:3-5). Daniel and his three
friends, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were among these captives.

Daniel's life is a story of great faith and devotion to the Lord. God favored Daniel and his
friends, and they rose to prominent positions within the government (Daniel 2:46-49).
God also used the faith of these young men to display His power to the pagan
Babylonians. One of the ways that God made Daniel stand out was to give him wisdom
and understanding. Daniel could interpret dreams; he was clear on where he got the
wisdom to do so (Daniel 2:16-23, Daniel 2:29-30). Daniel and his friends went through
difficult times because of their faith and devotion to God, but He was always with them
(Daniel3, Daniel 6).

Daniel was greatly concerned that God's name would not be tarnished, due to the
captivity and retched status of the city and people that bore His name (Daniel 9:4-19 esp.
. Daniel's heart was open before the Lord, so Daniel was the kind of man that God
could use. God gave Daniel many prophetic dreams and visions
(Daniel 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9,
& 12) . Many of these visions concerned Israel and its future, as well as the
establishment and fall of the great kingdoms on the Earth.

The book of Daniel, like its Author & His Messiah, divide men into those that believe God,
and those that do not. Criticisms and defenses have been made for centuries regarding
the book of Daniel and its prophecies. To those who believe the God of Daniel's prayers
(Daniel 2:20-23)
, There is no problem accepting that the prophecies in the book of Daniel
are true revelations given by God, at the time that they claim they were given. As with
many prophecies given in the Bible, some of those in Daniel have application to the
events they directly reference, as well as application to days yet to come. Below are a
list of prophecies and visions that God reveled to Daniel: