Two claims have been put forward by secular historians, that they feel challenge
the date that Daniel was written. They do so because they do not believe that the
Bible is anything more than a book, hence it must have been written after the
events happened, since the authors could not have otherwise known. The first of
these challenges is that Daniel must have been written after the events it predicts,
around 150 BC, not around 530 BC as it claims. The second challenge is that the
book of Daniel was written by Jews to bolster the spirits of the people living in
captivity. Let us address these two so called challenges one at a time:

If Daniel was written after most of the events that it prophesied had come to pass,
and yet describes them as prophecy, its author is both lying and falsely attributing
words to God. These are not small crimes. In ancient Israel, a false prophet was to
be killed. In the book, Daniel and his friends would rather face possible death than
defile themselves with unclean food from the king's table. God's law was very
important to these young men. That is a basic theme of the book. Lying is against
God's law. Putting words in His mouth warrants death by stoning. It is ridiculous
to imagine that Daniel intentionally falsified his prophetic visions, he had nothing
to gain and everything to loose.

The people living in exile were there because they had sinned and broken God's
laws. Before the fall of Jerusalem, false prophets had been telling the people that
God was going to protect them, and that everything was going to be OK. After the
fall of the city, these lies were seen for what they were. God said that if a
prophecy does not come to pass, you can be sure that it is not from Him. This
story was taken as scripture by the Jews, and as such was considered to have
come from God. No sane Israelite would fabricate a story full of fiction that claims
to be real and then pass it off to his countrymen as God's own words.

The secular historians that doubt the claims in the Bible do so because they do
not believe in God and his revelation through the prophets. This is to be expected
for those without faith in God, but the explanations they offer do not square with
the times or culture of the people. The Israelites would not even speak the name
of God, in reverence. Claiming as scripture a book full of half-truth and lies would
have been unthinkable. The book of Daniel was written, as it claims, around 530
BC, and we have every reason to believe it

The Book of Daniel
(When was it written?)