The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the one and only
Son of God, and all Christian religions acknowledge
His deity. The Deity of Christ is central to the Christian
faith, since the Bible tells us that no man can buy his
brothers life or give God a ransom for him. If Jesus is
not God, then His death was not enough for even His
brother, much less for the rest of us. Thankfully, Jesus
is God, and His death paid for the sins of us all.

Today we see TV and magazines telling us about the
"real" Jesus. These supposed experts as well as
many cults such as The Way, and the Jehovah's
Witnesses try to deny the Deity of Christ. Some say
He was just a teacher, others that he was a perfect
man and no more. With so many conflicting voices,
what are we supposed to believe? Well the Bible has
much to say in defense of our Lord's divinity.

The Bible tells us that we should be ready to answer
any question and that we are to contend for the faith,
and there is no more important point of Christian
doctrine than who our Lord and Savior Jesus is. The
links at the left will provide you with evidence from the
Bible proving that our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is
God, the Son.

The Deity of Christ