The Earth hangs in space
Job 26:7 3000 BC
Copernicus 1475 AD

As cultures form, systems of belief often accompany their rise.
The power of these belief systems was manifest in their ability to
explain and answer major questions of nature. A shaman for
example that was passed down knowledge from perhaps his
grandfather about a comet and its timing would be able to show
that he had a great understanding of nature and as such would
be able to use that knowledge to gain power. While not all belief
systems were used to gain power, the trend is noteworthy.

Three ancient societies that can be examined, since their
systems of belief are well documented, are the Hindu, the
Hebrew and the Greek. Hindu culture, arising in the Indus valley,
seems to be the oldest dating back nearly nine thousand years,
while the oldest writings in the Hebrew Bible date back nearly
five thousand years and the Greek around three thousand years.
In Hindu mythology, the Earth is held up on the backs of four
elephants standing in turn on the back of the cosmic tortoise
Akupara, while in Greek mythology, the Earth is held up by Atlas,
a titan written about by the poet Hesiod. Hebrew belief
concerning that which supports the Earth is sharply different. In
the oldest book of the Bible, Job, we are told:

Job 26:7 (KJV 1)
7He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth
the earth upon nothing.

Hindu and Greek systems attribute the support of the Earth to
cosmic animals or to a super human Titan, while the Hebrew
says that there is nothing physical supporting the Earth. With the
aid of science, we can see clearly that the Hindu and the Greek
myths are just that, fanciful and imaginative myths. When Science
got around to establishing the truth of the matter, around 1500
A.D., The truth of the Hebrew Bible came clear. Science
confirmed 4500 years after the bible had stated it, that the Earth
hangs on nothing, which begs the question, how could the ancient
Hebrew writers have known this truth, five thousand years ago?
The Bible claims to be authored by God, and the God of the
Bible claims to have created nature. In another striking example,
this shows that the Bible is unlike any other religious text or
system; The Bible contains truth that science can corroborate.

Science & the Bible

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